COVID-19 Embeddable Tracking Map

To fight against a worldwide health threat outbreak with the first COVID-19 geolocating device.

The first mobile coronavirus tracker built to support monthly traffic of 60 MM active users of India Today and other recognized online news sites. A carefully built system aimed for real-time tracking of the coronavirus outbreak, which enables users to embed the tracking map into their own website. This geolocating device allows viewers to evaluate the current situation and take measures accordingly.

Technology used: ReactJS, NextJS, Micro Frontends.

Covid Map product

WOXO Social Widgets

To support small businesses scale globally.

WOXO Social Widgets is an easy-to-use lead conversion-tool designed for any business owner or social media manager to embed social media content directly into their website without coding. This tool is mobile responsive and fully customizable, designed for anyone and everyone to create a customized experience for visitors who interact with their website.

Widgets available:

WOXO widgets

AI Landing Page Generator

To create high-converting landing pages in minutes.

Our AI-powered webpage creator allows users to generate personalized webpages on various domains. This fully customizable white label solution, complete with integrated analytics and tracking, aids our clients in tailoring unique experiences that best resonate with their audience.

Technology Behind AI Landing Page Generator: NextJS, ReactJS, Styled Components, Strapi, AWS, Cloudflare, Google Cloud, Google Big Data, GPT-3.


Woxo AI Video Generator

Woxo AI empowers entrepreneurs and YouTubers to elevate their video strategy.

With Woxo AI, you can effortlessly generate short-form videos that captivate your audience. Whether you want to become a YouTuber or boost views on your business channel, Woxo AI automates video production in innovative ways, ensuring your content stands out and drives engagement.

Technology behind WOXO: NextJS, ReactJS, AWS, Cloudflare, OpenAI, Microsoft Azure, Stability AI.

WOXO video product

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