Fare Map Finder

To help travelers find accessible flight fares to worldwide destinations.

Due to its usability and effectiveness, airports, travel agents and recognized airlines such as American Airlines, United Airlines, Japan Airlines amongst others have opted for this service in particular. We helped build an interactive fare and flight search display in fully customizable modules. The interactiveness of the widget aims to enhance user experience and is ultimately, an easy-to-use conversion-oriented tool. It’s one of our most innovative and well-received projects that we’re able to be a part of.

Technology Behind Fare Map Finder : ReactJS, NextJS, Right-to-left, Accessibility, Multi-language, CSS-in-JS, Micro-frontends Testing.

Airmodule service

Premium Experience Grid

To experience the Australian Open 2022 like never before.

We helped build a responsive and fully customizable widget designed to take one of a kind experience to another level. Our technology made it possible for all users to experience this event with interactive premium experience grid and event finder carousel. And ultimately, dramatically blew up our partner’s sales.

Technology Behind Premium Experience Grid: ReactJS, NextJS, Right-to-left, Accessibility, Multi-language, CSS-in-JS, Micro-frontends Testing, Cloudflare.

Australia open service

Interactive Map Finder

To help thousands find their way with an interactive bus route map.

We helped build an advanced interactive map to display routes and tickets for Greyhound Lines, a bus transportation service that serves over 3,800 destinations across North America and Canada. The interactive map is able to retrieve real-time detailed information of routes, departure/arrival times, tracking location, and ticket prices for users, which transforms their experience to its entirety. Also, optimized for mobile.

Technology Behind Interactive Map Finder: ReactJS, GastbyJS, RTL, MapBox.

Grayhound bus

Design, ADA Compliant Advisoring and Development Services

To help people reduce their monthly expenses, save money and adjust to a new lifestyle.

We helped build an end-to-end technology platform that enables Billshark, a human-centric leading provider of payment gateway solutions for people with financial burdens alongside their nine other partners. While Billshark worries about making one’s living cost more realistic, we jump in to offer the best user experience to do so.

Technology Behind Services: Apexedge: Gatsby + Strapi Widgets: NextJS + AWS, Testing Suite: NextJS + Puppeteer + AWS, MultiChat: NextJS + Automate Scripts + AWS, Magick Backend: NextJS + AWS Amplify + AWS.

Billshark service

FlexShopper & GameRex

FlexShopper & GameRex's LTO marketplace empowers customers with easy access to products and broadens retailer reach through a user-friendly platform.

They empower customers to shop over 200,000 products from more than 50 retailers and wholesalers through one of the US's largest Lease-To-Own (LTO) marketplaces.Our team excels in building and developing cutting-edge websites that feature top wholesaler and retailer brands in the USA. We help with the technology process to support the end-to-end onboarding of vendors' catalogs into the system and manage any necessary integration for the fulfillment process. FlexShopper allows providers to reach demographics previously unattainable. The marketplace offers customers easy access to products through the LTO program, featuring flexible payment plans, no strict credit score requirements, and simplified access to funds.

Technologies we use: Adobe Magento Commerce, React JS, Node.js, PHP, MariaDB , MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Varnish Cache, Redis Cache, JavaScript, HTML, CSS.

flexhooper service

Three Cliffs IA

An AI-powered tool that streamlines legal work for faster case prep and happier clients.

Our team is proud to handle the end-to-end implementation of the Three Cliffs AI platform, a powerful tool designed to transform legal practices by harnessing artificial intelligence's efficiency and accuracy.Three Cliffs AI revolutionizes legal practices by automating the creation of deposition summaries, enabling firms to scale efficiently amidst increasing litigation demands. This AI-driven platform speeds up trial preparation and improves strategic legal decision-making by providing timely and accurate case-related information. By reducing labor-intensive processes, Three Cliffs AI enhances client satisfaction and retention through cost-effective solutions and better case outcomes, making it an indispensable tool for modern legal practices.

Technologies we use: NextJS, FastAPI, Supabase, Cloudflare.

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flexhooper service

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